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Showcase, Customize & Sell your Specs to Advertisers Worldwide.

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Brands need original content in higher quantities, higher qualities, AND they need it done yesterday.  Spexster is designed to meet this fast paced demand.

Spexster gives Creators a platform to showcase and sell spec work INSTANTLY to millions of potential buyers around the globe.  Don’t wait to get hired.  With the power now in your hands, film what YOU want to film. 

Created by the filmmaker, for the filmmaker.

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FILM your own ideas for spec work in either branded OR non-branded formats.

BRANDED specs are made for a specific brand incorporated into the ad.  

NON-BRANDED specs increase the scope of potential buyers by keeping the content “open-ended” and adaptable for any brand to use.



The "Open-Ended" Spec Tutorial. 
Check out our Best Practices guide for more info!


Upload Specs to the Spexster marketplace for millions of potential buyers looking to purchase.

Set the price for your content. Allow advertisers to BUY in perpetuity.

Revision capabilities let buyers know what you can do with your spec to adapt to their branding.  List the possibility of pickups/re-shoots, cut-downs, visual effects, RAW or color graded formats, and more.



BUYERS can instantly purchase your active specs for your listed prices, or message you for revisions.

REVISIONS can be included in your original fee, or negotiate additional fees for unique requests.

SPEC REQUESTS are where buyers can post jobs for creatives to submit and pitch their uploaded specs directly to clients.

DIRECT HIRE  Get hired to reshoot a spec idea, film a completely new job, or be available as a local film team.

PAYMENTS are made securely via Stripe after an agreement is made. We handle the payment processing and invoicing so you don’t have to.



Create freely, without limits.  Don’t let down time, lack of representation or lingering opportunities keep you from moving forward.  Be your own boss, create content that inspires you, and market your work to millions of potential buyers around the globe.

Sell or Repackage your way to success.  Why shoot a Spec for one brand, when you can shoot one spec for ANY brand.

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Spexster is designed to offer fully-realized ideas to buyers, rather than individual arbitrary clips that still have to be assembled to create an advertisement. We offer the complete package of great Creators who film their own unique spec ideas, complete with talent, music, voice-over, unique locations, filming techniques etc... THEN, turn them into usable and adaptable advertisements. In this way, Buyers and Creators are now able to skip most or all of the early phase production process and instantly skip to revisions having an already proven concept and production capabilities. Creators own the work they upload, set their own prices in the marketplace and can make much higher returns on investments vs stock footage.

No. Creators unequivocally retain ownership of the content they upload, until a Buyer purchases it from them.

Spexster wants to make it extraordinarily clear that we don't expect ANYONE to spend thousands of dollars, or put in countless hours of work on any fruitless endeavor they don't feel is a good investment. The goal of our platform is to invite and promote Creators who want to bring their own ideas to life... who are already out there shooting for their own passion projects... who already have access to equipment, talent, locations etc... who want to be ambitious and try a new approach to marketing themselves and their work. Everyone has to start somewhere and take risks in life to move forward. We invite you to take that risk with us, knowing that we have lived in your shoes, and found great success. Know that we champion talented creators and have YOUR best interests in mind to help you be as successful as you can be.

You can upload an unlimited number of Specs to your profile, but only 6 can be "Active" on the Marketplace at one time, as well as displayed on your public profile for Buyers to view. You can at anytime Activate or Deactivate your videos in order to showcase new work, or submit different specs to unique "Spec Requests" postings by clients.

You can submit any active Specs you have in your profile. Here's a great opportunity to submit a great campaign idea with multiple spots. A Buyer could potentially purchase them all!

These requests can all be considered "Revisions" that you can either include in your pricing up front, or negotiate thereafter with clients. Spexster has great partnerships in the works to help with resources for Creators to access and streamline the revision process. Stay tuned!

There are two ways to approach your current and future specs. First, we highly encourage you to upload any current specs you've done in the past or recently that were filmed with a specific brand or product as the focus; i.e. Nike, Snickers, Coca-Cola. These would be considered "Branded-Content" that could garner the interest of the actual brand you shot for, these Specs/Footage must be owned wholly by you/your production company. The second approach, is creating or repackaging specs that intentionally do NOT focus on any sort of a product or brand, but rather focus telling a quick and effective story. If you have a spec commercial already, try cutting out all the product shots and see if you can still make a great ad that any company in the world could use for their advertising needs. See our "Best Practices" section in Retrospecs for more tips on creating and selling your specs.

Spexster takes a 20% commission of sales made, factored into the price Creatives themselves set for their work. Spexster handles the invoicing, Project Management and Stripe fees that incur with sales.

See our "Suggested Rate Guide" in Retrospecs for help pricing your work. Spexster completely leaves it up to YOU the Creator to name your rates for buying. We can offer our humble thoughts on what standard industry rates are, but there’s no right answer when it comes to putting a price tag on your work; only what the market is willing to pay. So don't price yourself too high, and definitely don't sell yourself short for your great work!

Think of "Spec Requests" as classifieds or job leads from clients who are actively looking to find content for their next ad campaign. You can respond to Spec Requests easily by submitting your specs that are currently uploaded already to the site, OR you can tweak a spec with any assets a client may provide, or shoot a brand new spec, upload and submit. Remember, there are no guaranteed winners here, but there is a much better chance to market your work to the right Buyer... and Buyers are not limited to picking just one spec/winner. If they find multiple ads/creators they love, they can choose as many as they want.

Yes. Until a Brand/Buyer purchases your content in a buyout, you the Creator retain full ownership of your material. So keep submitting or repackaging your same great work for future opportunities!

To limit the back and forth with clients on your capabilities for revisions, list up front what you can and can't do with your Specs if purchased. Don't hesitate to contact us for help navigating unique requests from potential clients, and feel free to reach out to the Spexster community for tips, tricks and partnerships.


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