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Crew map is the cloud-based software that allows you to find and hire a local crew for your next gig!

  • Explore a wide array of Industry Positions
  • Browse Rates, Reels and Profiles
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Skip to revisions with fully produced, non-branded video content.

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Fully-Produced, affordable ad content ON DEMAND to meet your continuous tv, web and social media needs.

Utilize your marketing budget more efficiently, and capitalize on business opportunities in minutes, not months.

Maintain better brand awareness, stay more competitive in your industry,  boost higher sales with premium content.

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Browse our library of quality content created by top producers from around the world, OR use a keyword search to find something more specific to your needs.

You’ll notice most content you see on Spexster are in the form of unbranded “Spec” Commercials: fully produced ads that have never been used or licensed. Think of it as a trailer or teaser to all of the amazing b-roll you’d have access to. The products featured within can be revised to fit yours instead, OR purchase the content + b-roll exclusively, in-perpetuity to use however you like.

Post a “Job” instead of wasting your time endlessly searching, allow our community of content creators to come to you with their proposals. They might have something in their back pocket that works perfectly for your vision, or they’ll recommend shooting something within days to get it just right. It is always free to post, without any commitment or risk!

Project Managers can guide you through the process from beginning to end.  Ask us to find the perfect piece of content, or the right filmmaker to get you across the finish line.


We understand the tiresome and endless search of boring and arbitrary stock content to fill in the gaps of your upcoming ads.

Once you FINALLY find something that works you’re faced with questions like:

Where else is this being used?

Have our competitors already used this in their ads?

What are the usage terms with this? How long, where, how much?

Scratch ALL that nonsense!

Post a request and you’ll have creators from around the world submitting content or ideas specific to YOU, your product/brand, and importantly, within your budget. From stills, to b-roll to full-fledged ads, you’ll have content that is exclusive ONLY to you, forever. You own it, do what you like!

You now have a full library of assets to use for any campaign from now until the end of time, specific to you. We can guarantee this will cut down on the continuous face palms, clicking, scrolling, and head aches when using the alternative, stock footage sites. Yuck.



Find a “spec” that closely fits your vision? Perfect!

Message creators to see what it might take to revise and adapt the ad to fit your branding or product needs. Talk prices, talk deadlines, talk out anything you need right through our messaging platform. Don’t worry, we’re not like other sites where there is a fear you’ll take it “off-site”. We allow you to type external email addresses, phone numbers or anything else you need in the name of efficiency and quality.

Hire creators.  Create a quick and simple agreement between you and the creator to give them the green light to go to work! Most gigs are 50% upfront and 50% upon delivery, but each project and contractor might offer different terms. We trust you can work it out between the 2 parties, but we are always here to help!


Unlike other websites, Spexster offers content with complete exclusivity, in-perpetuity. This means that when you complete your purchase, it is yours, and only yours, forever. Use it however you please!

You’ll have peace of mind going through the buying process using Stripe, a world-renowned service for safe and efficient processing of funds

Our team is always around to help or answer any questions.

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“NON-BRANDED specs” created by the Spexster community are fully produced pieces of content (Video, Sound, Music, Talent, Voice Over, Titles, VFX, etc) that purposefully do NOT feature any specific product or brand, but instead are left open-ended in order for the original creator to incorporate your brand, logo, product and more. However, know that Branded-Specs also have the ability to revise as well to your needs by "swapping-out" the product in the video for your product. Message filmmakers to find out their revision capabilities for your unique needs.

Yes! Everything listed on Spexster is negotiable. Feel free to message Creatives to negotiate about their content or hiring rates. When Posting jobs, you can put in a range of budget options to get competitive bids from Creatives.

Absolutely. Most Creatives will have full hard-drives ready to showcase for any content you're interested in. The "Spec" acts as a showcase of all the B-Roll footage to demonstrate the quality, and capabilities of the Creator. Message Creators or Project Managers to explore additional footage from a Spec.

Yes, if you need your own NDA or other forms submitted or signed you can upload to the "Assets" section of a new Job Posting for Creatives to review and download. Or simply provide your lead project manager with the proper materials and they will handle all the particulars with Creatives.

Yes. If you find an Ad you love and are not quite ready to buy yet, you can contact Spexster at info@spexster.com to inquire, and for a small fee take the Ad “off the market” for a specific period of time.

If you find a Spec you love that needs a few tweaks, pickup shots, or even a full reshoot… message the Creator to see what is possible. Creators typically post upfront on their revision capabilities and most are very flexible to work with you and achieve your end goals. Typically the industry standard includes 2 rounds of reasonable revisions free, but each and every project is unique and may take extra effort and costs to achieve the desired results. See what might be negotiable!

Yes. Most Creators film an abundance of footage that can't all be featured in the final edit, but can mail a hardrive or transfer footage to you. Message Creators to inquire about additional footage and to negotiate a rate.

Spexster offers fully produced, professional ad content; not single arbitrary video clips. Think of Stock-Footage as pieces of a puzzle that you still have to assemble yourself. With Spexster the puzzle is already assembled, and the only piece that’s missing is YOU.

Exclusivity + In-Perpetuity means the content you purchase is yours and only yours, to use as you please. Some producers still may want credits or to feature on their portfolios. It's best to confer with Creatives exactly what you're looking for when purchasing content.

You’re in luck! Each Filmmaker’s profile on the platform has a “Hire” button you can click and inquire for your unique shooting needs. If you need a local film team, the Spexster community also lists their locations. Spexster project managers can help streamline the process for you.

Yes, Spexster has an array of Branded Specs for hundreds of Companies! Search for your own Brand and see if anyone has already made a great Spec for you!

If you’re looking to find and purchase something a little more specific for your needs, you can post a classified to the Spexster community. Here you can give a brief of what you are looking for, such as: “Looking for a :30 Comedic Ad for Web/Social…” You can list things like budget-range, usage-details, and even upload your company assets for creatives to use in their submissions. Choose to display your company, or remain anonymous. Have a brand new product not on the market and want it filmed for the commercial? Hire a Creator and then send them the product to be filmed!

Yes you can! Our project managers are ready and waiting to streamline the creative process for you and procure incredible content for your next ad campaign FAST. Let us handle finding the right fit for content, filmmakers, revisions and even placement. Contact us to find out more, and let us know what you’re needing!


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